We are the Masters and Wood. We are passionate about wood. We are a design-oriented solid wood manufacturer situated within high-end furniture market. Our comfortable position allows us to release a full measure of innovative energy and reach new heights in solid wood expression.

MS&WOOD facilities are located in Fojnica, a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina surrounded by pristine forests. Drawing from Fojnica’s long woodworking tradition, our factory is the place where nature meets advanced engineering craftsmanship and where innovative minds meet cutting-edge technology.

We are the true Masters of Wood. We value and respect wood. We approach woodworking with a passion of a creator who derives great pleasure from his creation.

We cultivate classical carpentry techniques whilst embracing advanced 5 axis CNC machining technology. Our furniture is made with filigree precision utilizing sophisticated machinery and the hands of our brilliant craftsmen and engineers.

MS&WOOD works with hardwood species such as beech, ash and oak as well as wild and American walnut. Each tree is proudly sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Chain of Custody certified forests. We employ eco-friendly material in all finishing surface treatment options.

As a young company we are passionate and adaptable opening our doors to knowledge exchange. This open mindset has led us to become a regional R&D centre of choice for designers who deliver progressive design solutions. We see knowledge exchange as a first step in our exciting and passionate journey whilst working hard to reach the dizzy heights of advanced innovation and solid wood expression.