Elle Chair

Natasa Perkovic

Elle is described as a sophisticated beauty, a blend of femininity and modernity as well as contemporary production techniques. Elle features curvy, yet simple silhouettes revealing highly refined detailing and class.

The heirloom quality of Elle’s beauty was achieved through solid wood "extreme sculpting" process and a series of handmade models:

I closed my eyes and imagined a chair that personifies beauty. I modeled a chair whose form strictly followed function and then slowly began subtracting material and smoothing out the edges. I gradually arrived at a sleek solid wood chair that used minimal amounts of material. It still met the basic function of seating whilst retaining comfort and ergonomics.

Elle is cleverly engineered so as to maintain visual sleekness. The pieces are made exclusively of solid wood and are assembled using pure solid wood joinery. Each and every part of the furniture is stroked a thousand times by the hands of skilled MS&WOOD craftsmen and thus given a seal of purity and perfection.

Elle furniture is produced in ash with natural or coloured oil finish. It is also available in wild and American walnut and oak.


Dimensions (cm)

Length: 44 Width: 44 Height: 81