MS&WOOD – Augmented Design Experience at Archiproducts Milano 2017

MS&WOOD, Archiproducts partner, Triennale Milan exhibitor and quadruple Iconic Award WINNER at Imm Cologne in 2016 and 2017, shares in a brand new collective design experience by connecting products, generating digital interaction and augmenting reality at via Tortona 31 – the new heart of Milan.    

MS&WOOD exhibits in Room 13. The room is situated within the larger space that serves for “inspiration and reflections on co-net-working”. MS&WOOD, Bosnian solid wood furniture brand, showcases a pure form and award winning Primum Collection that encourages both co-working between designers and brands and enriches total design experience at Archiproducts Milano.


Primum concept is based on researching structural engineering forms that create high structural load bearing capacity. Made of solid wood, Primum Collection is designed by utilizing ergonomics-inspired comfort. Sophisticated manufacturing technology and skilled craftsmanship drives MS&WOOD to manufacture Primum Collection with a pronounced sense of social and environmental connectedness and proximity.


“The ability to let people experience my designs by immersing themselves in Sayduck app 360-degree views at their home space is definitely a new design ‘experience’ as Archiproducts Milano 2017 edition name implies”.