Visualise Before You Buy - Sayduck and MS&WOOD Go Augmented

Visualise Before You Buy - Sayduck and MS&WOOD Go Augmented

Ever tried visualising your furniture at home before buying it? Thought it was impossible? Think twice.

You can now view your favourite M&WOOD products in the privacy of your home. You can place your MS&WOOD products in any environment you can imagine and see what they look like there. In fact, you can communicate with your product after you placed it virtually anywhere you wanted. You simply tell the product where to sit in space and wait to see what happens. 

For example, you may place it in your dinning room, your bedroom or your kitchen and hundreds of other locations both indoors and outdoors. And the best thing about it is that you have the ability to move your products in 3 dimensions. But how is this possible?

Sayduck platform includes two revolutionary features: 3D Viewer and Augmented Reality.

Sayduck 3D Viewer lets you visualise your MS&WOOD products in 3D on the website so you don’t miss out on important details. You can view the products from virtually any angle. Be the first to see it here:

Sayduck Augmented Reality, on the other hand, allows you to "visualise your furniture in your home before you buy it". You need to donwload the free Sayduck app here and start an amazing journey into the unknown of augmented reality: