Elle Chair

Nataša Perković


Elle is a sophisticated beauty. This dining room furniture collection brings out the finest features of MS&WOOD’s engineering and manufacturing and takes our environmental awareness to the next level.

Elle’s sustainability lies in her balance of the aesthetic and the utilitarian. She features curved volumes yet her silhouettes remain simple. Elle takes the spotlight when being admired and reveals the interplay between her slopes and edges when seen from different viewpoints. However, Elle can remain in the background or even become a mere stage on which life plays out. Elle carries her role well in very different interiors or in one space as it changes over the years. Her pieces contain lasting formal and functional values that transcend time so as to be passed on and used by several generations.

All the pieces were developed through sculpting many scale and life-sized models in search of golden section proportions and perfect detailing. Computer 3D modeling was used only as a means of capturing the handmade forms:

"I closed my eyes and imagined a chair that personified beauty. I began to sketch, draft and
model a chair whose form fully followed function. I moved on by taking away additional material
and smoothing out the edges. I slowly arrived at a very slender chair that rationally used wood
components. The chair was exceptionally comfortable. Sitting on its wooden seat felt like sitting
on a padded one. Elle table followed the same concept adopting a more downplayed aesthetic in
order to ensure complementarity with different chairs."

Elle is made up of a chair, table, bench and coffee tables. The chair is available in versions with or without armrests and with an upholstered or solid wood seat. Elle is at the very limit of what is possible in solid wood engineering. These pieces were cleverly planned to be visually and physically light. They rationally use wood components and the minimal amount of material whilst maintaining optimal structural strength. This quality is best demonstrated by the fact that the Elle chair impressively weighs 4.7 kilograms in ash.

Elle is manufactured by combining filigree-precision five axis CNC milling with classical carpentry techniques. All Elle pieces are carefully hand finished.

Elle is made exclusively of solid wood and is assembled using purely wood joinery. It is produced in ash, wild and American walnut and oak. The hardwoods are treated with natural or pigmented oil and wax finish. This gives the surface a silky yet naturally grained texture whilst creating a protective film to preserve the surface. Upholstered chair seats are made with the finest EU ecolabel wool fabric or leather.


Dimensions (cm)

Length: 44 Width: 44 Height: 81